News from March 11, 2001

For many years, Syd Field has sold a crapload of books and videos by being called a screenwriting guru. Yet virtually no one can tell you off the top of their head any script Field has ever written. Los Angeles correspondent IndieGeek reports Field has been signed to do a final rewrite on a loose translation of the Portuguese screenplay “God’s Hands, Women’s Fingers.”

All-time, #1 Brazilian box office record holder Anna Penido, wrote the script and is attached to helm the ambitious project. Critically acclaimed actress, Marilia Pera (“Pixote,” “Central Station”), is set to star as one of three women who rediscover their own sensuality when a seductive stranger pays a visit to a quaint Amazon village. IndieGeek’s sources say Warner Brothers dished out a seven figure sum to acquire the Latin America rights to the Brazilian romantic comedy at the early script stages after the film’s producer, Quelita Moreno, turned down the studio’s offer for world-wide rights to the project. San Francisco correspondent The Real Dick Hollywood forwarded to me an email he received concerning a group of enterprising new filmmakers in San Francisco who are taking matters into their own hands:

Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to announce the launch of “SF” or San Francisco Short Film, a DVD dedicated to films coming out of San Francisco. Eight shorts that have played at festivals all over the world – almost 2 hours of excellent entertainment – this DVD is going to blow you away. You can get more information on the films and the DVD at

The motivation for making this DVD is to try and put together a distribution system that rewards filmmakers for making films. These DVD’s are selling for $20 dollars and half of the profits raised go back to the filmmakers. Another interesting aspect to this DVD is that it can also be seen as a film festival that comes into your home. A lot of filmmakers make shorts as part of their journey toward making features and then go on to the festival circuit to get their film in front of people who may affect their future. DVD is exciting in that it still allows filmmakers to get their films in front of people, in a format that shows their film in the highest quality, but for a fraction of the cost.

Should you live in the SF Bay Area or know someone who does, there are also a number of local outlets where you can pick up the DVD. Best of all, these stores have agreed to sell the DVD without taking any money themselves. Visit these stores that support local independent filmmakers.

I have managed to partner up with several establishments in the film community who have all agreed to sell the DVD’s without taking any money themselves. But I also need your help. I need to get it out there that these DVD’s are on sale at these locations (see below) so if you could email this letter to your friends and family it would be a wonderful help. I hope that this DVD idea works because I am fascinated by the prospect of setting up a system that supports filmmakers BECAUSE THE FILMMAKERS ARE MAKING EXCITING FILMS. I believe that San Francisco has the creative talent to be a film center, a city known for its narrative features as well as its documentaries – and that is an extremely exciting prospect.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. The locations where the DVD’s can be found are below, and if you can forward this on I would be very grateful. Here’s to the future!

Andy “Gucciboy” Hill

BAVC (415) 558-2131 2727 Mariposa, 2nd Flr. SF CA 94110
FAF (415) 552-8760 346 9th St,2nd Flr SF CA 94103
MONACO (415) 864-5350 234 9th St, SF CA 94103 (checks only please.make them out to “Andy Hill”)
CUSTER AVE STAGES (415) 641-1100 1598 Custer Ave, SF CA 94124
JCX (415) 824-4110 2413 Harrison St (20th) SF CA 94110
DIGICOMP 562 Bryant (4th) SF CA 94107
LEATHER TONGUE (415) 552-2900 714 Valencia SF CA 94110
LOST WEEKEND VIDEO (415) 643-3373 1034 Valencia SF CA 94110
NAKED EYE VIDEO (415) 864-2985 533 Haight (Lower Haight)

Ang Lee took home the top prize at last night’s DGA Awards ceremony, causing many of Hollywood’s second guessers that Oscar night in two weeks will be a very fractured event indeed. Tonight’s SAG Awards should also cause tongues to wag if there are any left field choices.