More on Project Greenlight


I call it a crock of shit.

When I first heard about Project Greenlight, I thought it was a great idea. How refreshing it was that two rising stars were going to give something back to the independents. Then I read the Rules and Regulations. 11 pages (in Word) of the biggest cockamamie bullsh!t legalese I have ever had the displeasure to read. And I worked as a clerk at a law firm during college. The firm I worked for was defending a company from a class action lawsuit involving feminine products gone awry, so I saw some pretty big snowjobs at my time there. Stereo instructions are more interesting. And that doesn’t include the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy. It all adds up to a document as scary as a Stephen King novella… and just about as long.

After reading the 22 pages of Rules, Regulations, Terms, Conditions and Policy about my Privacy, I laughed for about a half hour. What kind of suckers, I asked myself, are going to subject themselves to this kind of crapr

After the announcement today that Peter Jones’ “Stolen Summer” was chosen as the winner, I asked one of the initial Project Greenlight’ers what they thought of the process. The anonymous desperate soul said of the experience:

Project Greenlight is a feeding ground for those people who think much too highly of themselves and are devoid of anything close to shame. These people can’t take criticism, not even the constructive kind, and whyr Because, of course, there is nothing wrong with what they’ve written! It’s gold! Pure gold! And when these people need treplenish their egos once again, they head to the message boards, full of nothing but the pimping of their own scripts. Of course, sometimes the illustrious name “Ben Affleck” would show up, because, of course, Ben cares enough to converse with the “little people.”

Peter is no doubt already entrenched in his new found fame, as cameras have already been rolling on the documentary which will show the world what this young man is made of, a twelve episode maxiseries to premiere on HBO next Spring, to coincide (or help promote, depending on your level of cynicism) with the release of “Stolen Summer” to theatres.

Talking to one of the regular readers of this site, he came up with an interesting theory…

You know, I don’t know the fine print, but the winner may end up being the loser. Sure, he gets to make his movie, but on a $1 million budget and then it’ll probably be given a token release by Miramax. Meanwhile some other studio can snap up one of the other 9 scripts and actually do something with it.

I let the anonymous desperate soul read an advance copy of this column. How does she feel about my ridiculously one-sided view of Project Greenlightr

I’d like it better if I weren’t a sucker, a desperate soul and damned, all in one.

Let’s hope this is more interesting than “The Mole.”