Kevin Arnold Calls The Shots: An Interview with Fred Savage

The former “Wonder Years” star and veteran television director Fred Savage takes a massive leap from the small to the big screen with his feature-film directing debut, “Daddy Day Camp.” The semi-sequel to 2003’s “Daddy Day Care” replaces Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Paul Rae, but the madcap tone is still firmly in place. Recently, Savage paid a visit to Scottsdale, Arizona to talk about the making of his new film and the challenges that ensued.

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Eli Roth talks "Grindhouse" and "Hostel Part 2"

One of the fun things about interviewing with an obvious film lover like “Hostel” director Eli Roth is that you can ask him a question and instead of getting terse one word answers, he can go on for quite a while about any topic that interests him. Recently, Roth broke away from his editing room for a short time to speak with us about his involvement in “Grindhouse,” the final stretch of completing “Hostel Part 2” and other things close to his heart.

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Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin: Partners in Crime

Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep act like they’ve known each other for decades. They finish and interrupt each other’s thoughts, stray off-topic with funny anecdotes and in general, just give each other a hard time. It’s obvious the bond formed while making ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ is a lasting one. What follows is one of the most enjoyably random interviews I’ve had the pleasure of attempting to conduct.

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Keillor the Conquerer

It seems Garrison Keillor is set to conquer the world. The media world, that is. He’s a best-selling author, an admired public radio personality and now, an actor/screenwriter. Though unfamiliar to many in Hollywood, he’s making a major entrance, of sorts, with this weekend’s release of ‘A Prairie Home Companion.’ Recently he sat down to talk about the film, the future of public radio and romancing Meryl Streep.

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