The Early Report for April 23, 2002

All films scheduled to open on Friday unless otherwise noted:

Dogtown And The Z Boys (Sony Pictures Classics): Last year’s Best Documentary winner at Sundance. Sean Penn narrates the story of the Zephyrs, a group of surfers who gave birth to the skateboarding phenomenon of the mid 1970s. New York and Los Angeles exclusives. Rated PG-13 for language and some drug references. 97 minutes. 1.85:1

Jason X (New Line): Tenth film in the never ending horror series. Wide (1800 runs). Rated R for strong horror violence, language, and some sexuality. 93 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD, SDDS, DTS

Life Or Something Like It (20th Century Fox): Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns play meet cute is this romcom as a Seattle TV reporter and her cameraman, whose lives are thrown for a loop after homeless man Tony Shalhoub predicts she will die in seven days. Wide (2500+ runs). Rated PG-13 for sexual content, brief violence and language. 104 minutes. 2.40:1. SR, SRD, DTS

Night At The Golden Eagle (Keystone): More wacky hijinks in this dark dramedy from Adam Rifkin, the man behind such cinematic classics as The Dark Backward, The Chase and Detroit Rock City, featuring James Caan, Vinnie Jones and Anne Magnuson in this Los Angeles version of the recent bomb Chelsea Walls. New York and Los Angeles exclusives (3 runs). Rated R for gritty violence, sexuality, language and some drug use. 88 minutes. 1.85:1. SR

Rain (IDP): One of three films made in 2001 which share the same title. This one is the New Zealand 1970s coming of age story which was selected for the Director’s Fortnight at last year’s Cannes Film Festival and screened to good reviews at last year’s Toronto Film Festival. New York City exclusive (Angelika Film Center). Not Rated. 92 minutes. 1.85:1. SR

Sade (Empire Pictures): French drama with Daniel Auteuil as the famed Marquis. New York and Los Angeles exclusives. Not rated. 100 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD

The Salton Sea (Warner Bros.): Val Kilmer toplines in this crime thriller as a man who fights his inner demons after the murder of his family by delving deeper into the local criminal element. Peter Sarsgaard, Deborah Kara Unger, Meat Loaf Aday and Vincent D’Onofrio are just some of the other name actors in director D.J. Caruso’s debut film, which has been gathering dust on Warner’s shelf for several months. Limited (15-18 runs). Rated R for strong violence, drug use, language and some sexuality. 103 minutes. Flat.SR, SRD, SDDS, DTS

Some Body (Lot 47): Yet another dramatic examination of today’s sexual and social attitudes amongst beautiful young adults. Henry Barrial makes his filmmaking debut with this low budget, shot on digital production, which has been getting decent reviews on the festival circuit. New York City exclusive (Landmark’s Sunshine Cinemas). Not rated. 80 minutes. Flat. SR

Vulgar (Lions Gate): Second tier View Askewer Bryan Johnson gets to make his debut as a filmmaker in this comedy, casting long time VA veteran Brian O’Halloran as Flappy, the alcoholic clown. Also features Kevin Smith. New York and Los Angeles (2). Rated R for disturbing sexual violence, some shootings and strong language. 97 minutes. Flat. SR

The Cat’s Meow (Lions Gate): Expansion to select markets. PG13-112-Flat. SR, SRD