Little Tidbits from the Couch

News items in the TV community come in each day here to We catch the minutia that falls through the cracks, and discuss them more in depth than most probably deserve. Continuing our return, today’s call includes info on “Brothers & Sisters,” “Chuck,” “CSI: NY,” “Entourage” and “The Sarah Silverman Show.”

Did anyone else know that According to Jim was still on the air? Well, in its 8th (!!!) season premiere, Jim sells out his babies to make cash. Okay fine, it’s for a film, but still.

In episode 303 of Brothers & Sisters, a soldier saved by Justin in Iraq (and his family too) thanks him for his life.

Michael and his team con a con artist out of the money he stole from a young man trying to get money for his mom’s cancer treatments in Burn Notice episode 203, “Trust Me.”

Season 2 of Chuck is about to start filming already, and in the second episode “Chuck Versus the Seduction,” Chuck gets his own tutor, an ex-spy called out of his retirement of boozing it up with broads. Chuck may need all the help he can get, as it looks like a sexy former KGB operative has her eyes on him.

The team of CSI: NY look into a plane hijacking in episode 503 “Turbulence.”

The Darling family is putting on a fashion show in Dirty Sexy Money episode 202 “The Fashion Show.” Yeah, real creative title there guys. Don’t expect some actress modeling the clothes, they’re looking for real models.

The 5th season of Entourage has started and there’s going to be some scenes at an upscale country club. Schmoozing for Vince to get back on his feet maybe?

In the pilot of Rob Thomas’ new show Good Behavior Jackie West’s daughter Roxy is blackmailing the principal into getting out of class with a tape her older sister Tawny recorded of him. Naughty naughty. It’s a bad episode for the West kids overall: son Haden gets fired by his diva singer boss who’s involved in a hit and run lawsuit. How much can Jackie expect though when she works at a pawnshop where her partner is scamming her by buying stolen items from her other son Van and resells them back to her at an obscene markup? DRAMA!

Calling all James Garner look-alikes! NCIS needs someone in their late 30’s to play Jackson Gibbs back in the 70’s in episode 114 “Heartland.”

Christina Applegate’s show Samantha Who? will have a few new recurring stars in its upcoming second season. Samantha’s neurologist is attracted to her, and when her insurance runs out he may have a chance since she’s no longer his patient. Also there’s a philanthropist businessman, and an unkempt slacker guy.

The award for Most Creative Tidbit today goes to The Sarah Silverman Show, because they will be featuring rather unattractive (is there any other kind?) crack whores.

Grace is looking for the missing mother of two kids in Saving Grace episode 204 “It’s a Fierce, White-Hot, Mighty Love.” Don’t expect her white trash adopted daughter to be of much help, she’s too busy covering up something for her little brother.

Starting its first official season, Debra Messing’s The Starter Wife is looking for the husband of Joan, played by Emmy winner Judy Davis. He’s older, not a part of the Hollywood biz and will help her through her alcoholism recovery. Where the heck was he before?

Swingtown episode “Running on Empty” has Roger (and unexpectedly Janet too) meeting with a psychologist, and Laurie hitchhiking with an old woman who gives her some advice.

Doug and Andy spot a hot Latin woman swimming in the ocean in Weeds episode 4006.