The Casting Couch: Movie Edition

In the triumphant return of the Casting Couch, we spill the beans on David Fincher’s latest work, tell you what kind of woman Michael Bay is looking for to complement “Transformers 2,” and some of the other things you’ll be seeing at your favorite multiplexes… or at least, the ones that don’t do direct to video.

While we anxiously await “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” featuring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, the world will have to get its David Fincher fix later this summer, when his latest commercials, a series of PSAs for Stand Up To Cancer, will begin to air. Shooting started Wednesday in New York City with the likes of Lance Armstrong, George Carlin, Edward Norton, Sarah Sarandon and Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and will move to Los Angeles this week.

James Caan, fresh from leaving the set of David O. Russell’s “Nailed,” will work with his son Scott, for the first time since 1995’s “A Boy Called Hate,” in the low budget feature “Mercy.” Written by Scott Caan and also starring Jane Fonda’s son Troy Garity, “Mercy” tells the story of a cynical writer of love stories (Caan fils) who falls heavily for a stunning critic named Mercy who is dissimilar from any woman he has dealt with before.

Production began this past Monday on “Obsessed,” a thriller featuring Idris Elba as an asset manager whose thriving career and marriage to Beyonce Knowles is threatened when he is stalked by a recently hired temp (Ari Larter). Steve Shill makes his feature directorial debut with the film after more than a decade of shooting such television series as “EastEnders,” “The Wire” and the recent “Knight Rider” movie.

Edward Furlong will star in Mexican documentarian Olallo Rubio’s feature debut “This is Not a Movie,” a twisted drama shooting in Mexico in June.

June 2nd will see the beginning of principal photography on Michael Bay’s possibly anticipated sequel to last summer’s smash hit “Transformers.” To compliment the original film’s Angelina Jolie 2.0 will be an emo goth chick, just the way most women in Michael Bay movies are portrayed: alluring, extravagant, strapping and without saying a damn word.

Shooting will commence in Michigan on May 19 on Miguel Arteta’s “Youth in Revolt,” which will star Michael Cera as Nick, one of three virginal high school boys obsessed with getting it on… because, you know, there are any other kinds of virginal high school boys. Nick’s got it bad for a hottie from a local prep school, and along with his friends Evan and McLovin… I mean Lefty and Vijay… the trio will get into great trouble trying to get their freak on.