In which, just typing the words, Amy is excited

More pilots and tidbits on Lost, Desperate Housewives, 24 and more.  Damn, I love to rhyme “24” with “more”.  Oh, and stuff about Quentin Tarantino’s episode of CSI.  Methinks he hates Nick.

On N.C.I.S., a Seaman (heh, heh) is up for a medal of honor, but when checking out his past the team discovers he was suspected of murder.

Kristen Johnson will play Suzanne on Don’t Ask on FOX. It’s the story of Suzanne and Marty, and Marty’s affair with Suzanne’s shrink–Garret. It’s told from the point of view of their 13 year old son.

UPN is bringing us 20 Things to do Before You’re 30 about a group of friends who come up with their list of things they want to do before they turn 30 and the changes that working on the list brings them.

On Jack and Bobby a documentary crew does a show on President McCallister and his war hero brother, Jack. We learn how Bobby takes over his brother’s Senate seat after tragedy strikes. Jack also meets his dad, in prison.

“The Show Must Go On” on ER, when doctors Ray and Morris go to a balcony party and the balcony collapses.

On The 4400, Jordan (Billy Campbell) establishes the 4400 Center, a kind of Scientology-like place for people to find their inner 4400. Also, teacher Heather’s new 4400 power is to see the inner light in her students, which freaks out their parents.

Jane Curtin, William Devane, Fred Savage and Eddie McClintock will star in Crumbs, about brothers who take over the family restaurant business after their parents split up.

A crazy mother so hates her son that she convinces the man who attempts to rape her to instead rape her son. She ends up murdered by guess who on Cold Case.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia when Charlie’s ex-girlfriend surprises him by bringing him his son, a kid with a ton of problems. This is a limited run series on FX.

On CSI: NY there’s a shootout at Mac’s regular diner and his favorite waitress is wounded.

I think the raft is getting in the ocean on Lost. There’s a two-parter coming up called “Exodus”, and calls for cast members who are not seasick.

Susan Essman’s untitled pilot for FOX is about a woman who is on the top of the business world, but is having a lot of trouble with her step-kids.

The pilot for Chris Rock’s Everybody Hates Chris is called “School Shoes.” In it, 13 year old Chris has moved and is going to a new school. The school bully takes his bus pass, and Chris has to pay one of the school losers to forge him a new one.

Quentin Tarantino is writing and directing episode 523 of CSI. In it, Kelly is serving time for accessory to murder when her father gets blown up. While investigating, Nick gets kidnapped and the whole crew, with Warrick delivering the ransom, must try and rescue him.

On CSI: Miami, Horatio looks for the DEA Agent who killed his brother.

Not only has Stargate: SG1 added my TV boyfriend Ben Browder (I got swoony just typing that) to the cast, but also Beau Bridges as General Landry and Lou Gossett Jr. as Gerak. Also, Claudia Black will be back this season. In the fourth episode of the ninth season, the team must negotiate with the Ori, a society with zero tolerance for anyone who doesn’t believe in their gods.

Remember “All of Me,” with Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin? Well, that’s the plotline of “Duet” on Stargate: Atlantis. MaCay gets possessed by the spirit of Lt. Laura Cadman and it totally ruins his date with Dr. Brown.

It’s Captain Push’s last case, when a serial killer from Texas surfaces in Arizona and Push calls in Allison for help on Medium.

House’s ex’s new husband shows up with mysterious symptoms on House. Mark Waring will show up on the show next season, also.

The Montecito celebrates Las Vegas’ centennial with Vegas’ oldest resident. Danny outs some folks from the witness protection program, too, on Las Vegas.

On N.C.I.S., Tony and Kate are exposed to an infectious disease and have to be quarantined.

Episode 22 of 24 has a terrorist incident at an apartment building.

New series regular on Desperate Housewives is Josh Applewaite, an African-American man in his 20s who was raised by a strict and domineering mother. He’s just waiting to bust loose.

Red is an ex-army conservative who visits his liberal daughter in Berkeley, has a heart attack, and stays on with her. This pilot is called Red and Blue (get it, like the states?) and is on NBC.

A racist man kills his sister’s boyfriend because he is black. He’s not caught, and feels so guilty he becomes a born again Christian. Six years later, he is finally caught, and his lawyer, who also is part of his church, tries to exonerate him based on his current devotion to God. Was this ripped from a headline I didn’t read, because it’s on Law and Order.