Lost news. Not a lot, but who cares? It’s about LOST!

News about a few of the CSIs, new show Medium, much beloved show Lost and more.

Like most of you, I’m hopelessly addicted to Lost. I really don’t want any spoilers at all for this one, but, it can’t be helped. I suppose I’ll share so here you go. Episode 14 will be the Walt/Michael backstory. It will be called “Special” — and will introduce Frank Duckett, a “cowboy” with a whiff of danger about him and Laurence, a Jimmy Buffetesque type. It is written by David Fury and directed by Jack Bender.

Episode 7-13 of King of Queens is called “Line Drive.” Carrie learns the sweetest thing Doug ever said to her is really a line from a Gary Busey movie. I’ll leave it up to you to guess the line.

Nikki has a crush on her high school advisor on Summerland, but it’s all for naught, because (oh my Gawd) he’s gay! Not that this stops Cameron from being insanely jealous.

ABC Family is working on a pilot called East of Normal, West of Weird, starring Nikki SooHoo about an Asian girl adopted by a Jewish and Protestant couple. OK, I just wanted to type “Nikki SooHoo”.

CSI Miami will host a hostage crisis in episode 3-14, titled “One Night Stand”. Teenage Kelly Jameson will be taken at gunpoint by a creepy guy named Gary Miller Which is my mom’s neighbor’s name. That creeps me out.

New sitcom Internetromance.net is filming a pilot. It’s a sitcom, not a reality show, but members of Internetromance.net get to audition first for the show. And, surf for dates at the same time. I think. Unless the dating part of the website is just fiction…

Sean Hayes is producing a show for NBC/Bravo. It’s basically Project Greenlight for sitcoms. Situation Comedy is a contest to find a great sitcom for NBC. We get to watch shows being created and then America gets to vote for their favorite, and then NBC gets to option the sitcom which, in all likelihood, will never get picked up. Or will make it to air and star someone as annoying as Sean Hayes.

CSI has gone from plushies to Russian mail-order brides in “Stacking Dolls.” A hairdresser is accused of importing Russian women, teaching them to do hair, and then marrying them off. It’s all good until two Russian girls are killed.

NBC’s mid-season replacement Medium premieres January 9th. It it, Patricia Arquette plays a character based on real-life psychic Allison Dubois. In episode 12, Allison and cop Scanlon trail a man they witnessed being executed… OR DID THEY??? Allison thinks they may be trailing a ghost, until her visions tell her otherwise.

That’s all from the couch for now. Try to Curb Your Enthusiasm until next time.