My Triumphant Return, and the Return of Babylon 5

The Babylon 5 feature film begins shooting in April! My triumphant return!

What brings me back to I’m totally geeking out over the feature film Babylon 5: Memory of Shadows. I’ve been a B5 fan since my pal Sam (Hi Sam!) turned me on to the show in Season 2. The last I’d heard is that JMS (the shows creator, J.Michael Straczynski) had put the project on hold after Richard Bigg’s death. Biggs played Dr. Franklin, and died in May of 2004. Memory of Shadows is back on track now, and will begin filming in England next April with director Steven Beck.

The story follows Diane Baker, an Earthforce Intelligence Officer whose brother is killed in an explosion. She teams up with Techno-Mage Galen, previously played by Peter Woodward but whose part is being re-cast, to find the truth behind her brother’s death. They discover that dark forces are unleashing ancient Shadow technology–technology that was supposed to be guarded by Galen–and the two uncover a huge conspiracy.

So far, the only original character participating is Elizabeth Lochley, played by Tracey Scoggins. She is still the commander of Babylon 5. She is friends with Diane. Part of the action takes place on B5, as the station is taken over by Earthforce Marines, including new lead character Colonel Joss Morgan.

Galen will battle childhood friend and Techno-Mage, Tyrell. Tyrell is sort of a mercenary, with an agenda of his own. Are you seeing Gandolf fighting Saruman in your head right nowr You know you are. I can only imagine we’ll see more original cast members on the station. Believe me, I’ll keep you all posted. Damn, it’s good to be back!