"’Las Vegas," "Dr. Vegas" & ”CSI’.’ What happens in Vegas stays on your TiVo

News items in the TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today, read news on “24,” “Las Vegas,” “Alias,” “Enterprise” and more!

Woo Hoo! 24 news! It’s not much, but there will be a train wreck. Literally.

Look forward to a swordfight on Alias during the second part of “Authorized Personnel Only.”

“Blood is Thicker” on Las Vegas when Ed is framed for the murder of a former CIA operative. Mike and Danny have to find who has it in for Big Ed. Sam, Mary, Nessa and Belinda buy a house and rent it out–to porn filmmakers!

Patricia Arquette is NBC’s Medium. She solves crimes using her psychic powers. Well, her character’s psychic powers. Patricia Arquette isn’t really psychic, right?

It’s “The Bare Witch Project” on Charmed. Oh yes, it’s Lady Godiva, naked, on horseback, and driving everyone who sees her crazy.

On ABC’s Desperate Housewives, the wives throw a dinner party in honor of a deceased friend, and Susan meets her ex-husband’s new wife–who’s not that bad.

T’Pol’s fiance shows up on Enterprise. Ahhh, the Vulcan arranged marriage plotline. Weren’t we all waiting for this oner

The new head of trauma on ER is Dr. Dubenko. He’s young and brilliant, but doesn’t really have any people skills.

Dr. Vegas has to pull a boxer from a fight. This doesn’t make him popular with the folks who have bets on the match.

Episode 203 of Cold Case a prisoner was killed in a escape attempt in 1968–or was her?

A mercenary group in Iraq is doing more harm than good, and Harm must find a way to stop them while there investigating a death by friendly fire on JAG.

Law and Order is ripping prisoner abuse from the headlines, when an Iraqi woman’s brother is arrested and sent to prison. He is abused terribly by guards, and the sister kills one of the guards in retaliation.

Warner Brothers is working on Bewitched–I mean Spellbound–about a male witch who gives up his powers in order to marry the mortal he loves.

It’s a freaky crime scene on NCIS when a girl in a bridal gown is found dead and chained to a bed in a secret underground chamber in one of the most elaborate title set-ups ever on “Good Wives Club.”

Carnivale is revealing The Management. They want an actual double amputee.

NBC’s working on House, starring Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Lisa Edelstein and Omar Epps. In “The Socratic Method,” Dr. House treats a schizophrenic woman, and realizes she’s really suffering from a buildup of copper in her blood.

Theo gets kidnapped on NYPD Blue and Sipowitz freaks out in Episode 3. In Episode 4, a guy named Todd fakes his own kidnapping. This is too many kidnappings in a row.

Bone fragments are found in a drain, and the CSI team tracks them to an explosives expert. Hmmmm…

A Madam and her lay-dees move in to the Grand Waimea on North Shore.

ABC’s Eyes is casting for episode 1. Private Eye Chris, investigates a woman with Munchausen’s Syndrome, and P.I. Harlan is hired by the mayor to investigate dirty cops.