The Triumphant Return Of… Greg The Bunny!

News items in the TV community come in each day here to Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today, read news on “Rescue Me”, one of my new favorite shows, and much, much more.

If you aren’t watching Rescue Me on FX, well, shame on you. In episode 7, “Inches”, we are introduced to firefighter groupies. Women, some of them firefighter’s widows, who just loooooove firemen. Tommy continues to be haunted by images of people he couldn’t save and the horrors of 9/11. Just try to watch this show without crying–and laughing.

We have good news and bad news for all you Greg the Bunny fans. The good news is the show is being given a second chance. The comeback episode will be shot in Las Vegas, and have cameos from many famous puppets. You heard me, famous puppets! The bad news is that you’re going to need to have a really cool cable company in order to see the show, as the Independent Film Channel, of all people, are the ones bringing it back.

On Nip/Tuck Christian gets Matt and Adrian out of trouble at school by offering their principal free eye lifts. They also make a girl look like her idol, Jennifer Lopez. Ewwww, this creeps me out even when it’s fiction.

On Smallville, we’ll meet Lois’s dad, Colonel Sam Lane.

West Wing hires a new Deputy Press Secretary named Annabelle.

No real Alias other than Sid grills a dying British guy for information in “Authorized Personnel Only Pt. 1”.

North Shore gets a new girl named Charlotte. She left home at 15 to surf, and has no address or phone–much to the chagrin of all the boys who have crushes on her. Jason wants to open a new nightclub and hits up his parents for ten thousand dollars.

American Movie Classics is joining the reality TV parade with Hollywood Ending in which famous film directors solve problems for average folks. Want Ron Howard to direct your marriage proposalr Personally, I’d like to see Robert Altman direct me to clean my house.

New guy Julio Rodriguez joins As the World Turns. He’s young and hot, unlike everyone else in soap operas. New chick Tricia is also young and hot. They both get to stick around for at least three years.

NYPD Blue starts filming its final season, and in episode one a young man who was born a male, raised a female, and holds a grudge about it, is questioned about a murder; and a woman who volunteers helping the homeless, kills a homeless guy who insults her. The second episode centers around illegal adoptions and also has a woman who marries an inmate and regrets it, so she tries to get him convicted of something so he’ll go back to jail and leave her and her boyfriend alone.

David Kelly’s Boston Legal begins with a regular round of cases. A man driven crazy by stress, a guy with migraines suing his doctor for malpractice, and a divorced woman who wants to move out of state to take a job offer but can’t because her ex won’t let her take the kids away. Nothing too exciting–maybe Leonard Nimoy could guest star. In episode 2, we’ve got a woman suing her female ex-lover for pretending to be gay. And Crane (William Shatner) insults the wrong girl when he teases the opposing council’s niece about her weight.

Judging Amy is dealing with anger issues. Both Maxine and Amy have brushes with angry kids and parents in “Lullaby”.

Birds nesting at LAX are wrecking havoc, so a falconer is called to exterminate them. Also, smugglers are bringing drugs into the country inside dead bodies, and a Russian teen defects because he is gay and feels his family and his country abuses him for it.

A con woman falls for her prey, and they end up married. Her old partner feels screwed over and murder ensues on the new season of CSI Miami Also in episode 1, a bridge to the Keys collapses. The second episode features hip hop artists whose rivalry gets out of hand when innocent people are killed in a drive by. (Well, a “boat by”.) High School hijinx get out of control in episode 3. Cheating, drugs and eventually the death of a student.

Showtime continues it’s competition with HBO with another new series. Weeds is about the seedy underbelly of suburbia in the South.

Speaking of HBO, Carnivale adds some new freaks to the mix when they come upon the stranded Daily Brothers carnival and the Samson merges the groups. They head to Damascus NE, where a supernatural force is killing people at a hotel.

On One Tree Hill we meet Haley’s parents. They are sweet and funny and protective of Haley.

Oh, it’s a Roman Holiday in New Jersey as a new reality show sends an undercover prince to New Jersey to find his true love. Hear me ladies–he could be there RIGHT NOW!

Enterprise starts with a two-parter called “Storm Front”. Alien races with time travel ability battle each other throughout time and space, and manipulate history to try and gain advantages. No Edith Keeler, but Archer has to go back to 1944 and stop Hitler’s invasion of New York, orchestrated by the NaKhul race as part of their battle plan.

Also flashing back to WWII is NCIS. When an elderly soldier confesses to a murder during Iwo Jima, Gibbs doesn’t believe him and tries to clear him of the charge.

Rube has to help his daughter cross over on Dead Like Me.

Girls don’t cry on Cold Case. Daniela ran away from home after a disastrous prom night. Her secret (his secretr) gave a lot of people motives for her killing.

On Charmed, Barbas kidnaps Leo’s baby and Leo goes on a murderous rage, even trying to kill his friends, in an attempt to find Barbas.

Rob Lowe’s Dr. Vegas is doing some pilot reshoots. They are adding a few more female characters, including a young entertainment director a la Mary on Las Vegas.

Comedy Central is working on a Daily Show like take on entertainment news produced by Brian Unger.

In episode 9 of Showtime’s Huff, Hank Azaria’s character is attracted to a much younger woman, while his wife is flirting with a much younger guy. Also, his partner Russell is being investigated as one of his patients, a coke dealer, is found dead.

Spike Lee is creating a show for MTV called Miracle Boys. It’s about three brothers who are orphaned and must try and raise themselves in Harlem. It’s a party of three.

Bill Pullman and Natasha McElhone star in NBC’s Revelations. In episode 2, they are still seeking the Christ child, and are checking into claims made in Greece about a child found after a shipwreck who can perform miracles.

Nice nurse Maureen disappears Without a Trace, but it turns out she’s on the lamb from the FBI. She and her husband bomb abortion clinics.

Joan returns from her summer camp for troubled teens and brings back new friend Judith. They bonded over therapy at camp, and now go to the same high school on Joan of Arcadia

On Jack and Bobby, one of Grace’s co-workers gets fired, and Grace goes to bat for her without all the facts in hand.

Hyde’s half-sister Angie is added to the cast of That 70’s Show, and she and Hyde open a record store together.