With New Year Approaching, Info on Both New and Old Shows Alike

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today, read more news on the “Sex and the City” finale, “Six Feet Under,” a new character on “Scrubs,” and other shows whose titles don’t start with “s” including 6 brand new pilots.

3: ESPN is filming a movie of the week about Dale Earnhardt. Pretty soon, they’ll only have sports on ESPN2.

4400: A boy in a coma, a mysterious ship that returns to earth 4400 missing persons and the 4400’s extraordinary powers. Learn how they are connected in this pilot for USA.

Century City: Episode 1.05, “To Know Her,” has the lawyers working on a nano-rape. A woman’s ex-boyfriend injects her with nanobots so he can feel everything that she feels. Also, a child star wants emancipation so that he can take a drug that stunts his growth so that he can play child roles forever.

Charmed: Phoebe is just a “Phoebe in a Bottle” when she trades places with a genie in episode 15.

Cold Case: Burn baby burn “Disco Inferno!” A dance contest ends in murder and a fire in 1978.

CSI: Catherine, our only character with a personal life, is attracted to a suspect in episode 415. In “Early Rollout,” a porn producer is killed and his murderer watches in horror as Grissom unravels his alibi.

CSI: Miami: A stand-in commits murder to cover for the actor he subs for in “Stalkerazzi.” We also get a new character in a young, ethnic DNA tech. In “Officer Down,” Andrew Zeller baits Horatio with clues a year after being found innocent of a murder he committed. In the untitled episode 215, two dock workers kill a man whose bored wife has been sleeping with them. Whew.

The D.A.: Steven Weber is the D.A., Lisa Baker is a deputy D.A. and Mark Camacho is pal Bruno for this show on ABC.

Dead Zone: Gibson is an obsessive/compulsive computer expert who consults Johnny about a project at her company. He sees disaster in their “Total Awareness” software.

The District: Episode 14 brings us a new character, a female security guard. She’s Temple’s boss at his moonlighting job, and a potential love interest for him. In episode 15, they solve a cold case from the 50’s involving Ella’s father.

Ed: Ed gets mugged picking out his wedding cake in episode 81.

Half and Half: Baby Thorne is born in episode 217, “The Big Labor of Love Episode.”

Hollywood Division: Our series regulars will be Tommy Garret, in his late 20s, who lists stints in both the SWAT team and the military; Cody Walker, a 19-year-old cadet; Reggit Feiffer, an undercover cop in his late 20s; another twenty-something in Dana Cassidy, who is described as “wholesome”; and Lisa Morales, in her 20’s sexy and a Laker Girl.

Hope and Faith: The kids ruin a signed baseball, and must get the player to sign a new one. Seriously. This is such a recycled plotline. In “Mismatch”, Faith falls for a doctor who travels with “Doctors Without Borders.” I don’t think he’ll be played by Harry Connick but you never know…

Jake 2.0: Jake is in a coma, and they want to cut off his life support because he’s been accused of murder in “Dead Man Talking.”

Joan of Arcadia: In “Night Without Stars,” God tells Joan to work with kids so she babysits kids whose mothers have been abused. Adam falls for one of the other volunteers, and Joan must deal with her jealousy.

Las Vegas: Jennifer is a computer genius who may be the cause of a security glitch in “Hellraisers and Heartbreakers.”

Law and Order: Criminal Intent: Donald is a con man who convinces bored soccer mom Margie to rob banks with him in “Pas De Deux.”

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: A 16-year-old girl is murdered and her mother must reveal a secret in “Families.”

Less Than Perfect: Jeb’s 15 year old son develops a crush on Claude.

Navy NCIS: Lieutenant Commander Egan is murdered while working on a classified project, and the prototype is missing in “Eye Spy.” Egan’s personal life may play a part is his death.

NYPD Blue: McDowell’s replacement seems like a nice guy, but he’s a crappy cop and the grandson of the Chief of Police. Also, a girl’s boyfriend manipulates he into committing suicide.

Scrubs: A new recurring character is Dr. Miller. She’s a surgeon and becomes a mentor for Eliot but calls Turk on his sexism.

Sex and the City: Well, well, well, Aleksandr (Mikhail Baryshnikov) has a 22-year-old daughter named Chloe, who lives in France. Carrie is sure to be freaked out. Producers are also looking to cast Andre, the long-time best friend of Alexksandr who is a cultured man from the same art world as he.

The Shield: Will Faulks is nice and kind and a sick rapist and killer in “What Power Is.” Also, a girl leaves a baby she’s watching with a gas station attendant to go on a date.

Six Feet Under: Episode 403 is called “Parallel Play.” We get a new character in Celeste, a rock singer, and our opening death is a young girl who is laughing with her friends and falls off her bed and breaks her neck.

Things I Hate About You: For Bravo, this remake of a British show gives couples video cameras and has them document the stuff that makes them crazy about their partners. Then a shrink tries to fix the problem.

Without a Trace: A special education student disappears. The episode is called “Bully.” No good can come of that.