This Column is Devoted to "Average Joes" Everywhere

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today read news on the “Sex and the City” finale, “Alias,” “Tru Calling,” “West Wing,” “The Shield,” and new show “Ricochet.”

Alias: Episode 3.12 is called “Crossing” and written by Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec. We’re really not sure what is happening in this episode, but Mr. Zisman, a powerful man with an Eastern European accent, and Colonel Kang, a Korean military man, both seem to loom large here.

Arrested Development: In “Shock and Awe,” George Michael has a crush on his teacher, but Michael dates her and has Jo cover for him.

Average Joe: I knew that would happen in the finale! Well, at least she’s not a golddigger…

CSI: Vampires!!! Woo Hoo!!! The episode is called “Sucker.”

Dead Zone: Walt’s past comes back to haunt him when his friend Jordy comes to visit after being released from prison in “No Questions Asked.”

ER: In “Blood Relations”, a woman wakes up in labor, but she can’t wake up her husband to help her as he is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Friends: Can Monica’s and Chandler’s dreams for their suburban home with the cats, dogs and kids be coming truer See our article here for more details.

Hack: Let fly the “Fog of War.” Chris Olshansky returns from Iraq wounded and addicted to painkillers and completely suicidal.

Hope and Faith: Episode 114 has Faith running for Neighborhood Association President, and Charlie trying to steer Syd away from the bad boy boyfriend.

JAG: The French are trying the Secretary of the Navy for war crimes in “People vs. S5CNAV.” Let the frog bashing begin.

Joint Custody: Warner Brothers is casting this pilot about a wealthy woman who shares custody of her two teenagers with her penny-pinching husband and his thrifty new wife. Add to the mix is the woman’s 20 year old boyfriend who speaks with an “Arthurian” English accent like Madonna used to. Stir. Could be funny, most likely will suck.

Judging Amy: In “Roadhouse Blues,” a man in witness protection tries to get custody of his son and Amy must decide if his life is to dangerous for a kid to share.

Law and Order: In “Married With Children,” married lesbians adopt a child, but in Florida — where they live — only one of them can be the designated parent. When they split up, that parent takes the child. When the other woman shows up, a deadly argument ensues.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Nigerian child-smugglers and Santeria prove a murderous combination in “Ritual.”

Malcolm in the Middle: Malcolm must meet his dream girl’s nutty Russian family before she’ll go to the dance with him in “Malcolm Dates a Family.”

Miss Match: Check out the new episode for an appearance by our nutty, golf club throwing “Average Joe,” Tariq. He won’t be attending anger management classes, but instead having a traditional Indian arranged marriage.

NYPD Blue: Cindy and Scott Grafton are cops. Separated but still living together, Cindy’s affair is exposed and leads to violence between her and Scott. Also, a fired comic kills the comedy club boss with a microphone. And a kid finds a gun and shoots a jogger out of boredom. Just a day in the life of episode 13.

The Practice: All you need to know about the episode entitled “Avenging Angels” is that the casting requirements for the character of “Eve” include being okay with nudity.” As they say there, “physically sexual positions required, think yoga-flexible.”

Ricochet: A pilot at Fox, “Ricochet” is about Colin McGreevy, a plainclothes cop with a bad temper. He’s married and having an affair. His partner is reserved and laid back. The rest of the cops are ethnically diverse. Denis Leary isn’t in this show, and it’s not a comedy, even though this description sounds familiar to “The Job.” The gimmick here is that the stories are told in reverse. “Ricochet”–get it?

Sex and the City: We can confirm that Chris Noth’s Mr. Big is back for the finale! The final episode of the series, titled “An American Girl In Paris Part Deux,” finds Carrie at the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris, where Aleksandr is having his art opening. Other than the regular four gals, their current beaus and Noth, also appearing in the finale will be Mario Cantone’s Anthony and Anne Meara’s Mary Brady.

The Shield: A gang member is found lynched and a Latino priest is killed in retaliation. The cops must find out who’s really behind the crimes before a gang war breaks out in “Slipknot.”

Threat Matrix: In episode 112, a British ship builder conspires to blow up a tanker.

Tru Calling: In the currently untitled 12th episode, written by Ion Harmon Feldman, Tru must infiltrate the behind-the-scenes actions at the Fresh Face Cosmetics competition, where someone is willing to kill to get ahead. Which of the aggressive young contestants is pulling the wool over Fresh Face CEO Julian Barnes? Don’t put your money on the fresh Midwestern gal Jackie. Shooting begins in Vancouver on December 11, under the direction of R.W. Goodwin.

The West Wing: This Israeli Prime Minister and Iranian Ambassador face off on a “Crossfire”-type show in the episode entitled “The Warfare of Genghis Kahn.” Expect to see the Prime Minister the rest of the season as this plotline will take off from here.