Lots of Series News, No Leftovers Here!

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today read news on “ER”, “Six Feet Under,” “Las Vegas, “The Shield” and more.

Alias: Looks like in episode 3.11, “Truth and Consequences,” Syd consults neurosurgeon Dr. Lenz about her buried memories. I’m going to cut them out of her head if they don’t hurry up with this storyline.

Big House: Keith David has been cast as Clarence in this new show by Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment.

Century City: In “Without a Trace,” a teen with a runaway past is monitored by a chip implant. She sues for privacy. And, a man’s ex-girlfriend keeps signing him up for a dating service and arranging dates for him. His current fiance is pissed.

Charmed: The Swarm Demons are coming, the Swarm Demons are coming! In episode 13, “Used Karma,” the girls get swarmed, by demons! And Phoebe gets infected with Mata Hari’s bad karma.

Cold Case: The “Letter” is a frozen case. A young black woman gets involved with a KKK member and ends up dead. In 1939.

CSI: Miami: Under the “Blood Moon,” two young women murder an a**hole who treats them badly at a concert and an immigrant’s son kills for vengeance.

The District: In “Breath of Life,” an officer doesn’t give his gay partner CPR after a terrible accident and the team investigates date rapes on a college campus.

ER: Gus thinks he’s invincible — even though his heart is crap — and he has a heart attack driving his new sports car. He plows in to Kathy’s car, injuring her family. The family that she just got through saying she wished she never had. No “Impulse Control” here.

Eve: It’s a Valentine’s Day flashback in ‘Reloaded.” We learn how Shelly met JT and how wild their lives were before they got together.

Gilmore Girls: They need Japanese speakers for voice work! Do I sense a dubbed kung fu moment?

Hack: Jamie’s friend Wilson is the victim of a gaybashing that forces him to come out of the closet in “Double Exposure.”

Hope and Faith: In episode 13 look for a cameo by a famous director, or a lookalike. Can you tell the difference?

JAG: “Good Intentions” don’t make a crime less of a crime as a commander who embezzles money to illegally buy chemicals to fight terrorists learns. Also, Mac defends a rapist.

Jake 2.0: Jake loses his memory and has to earn money by kicking ass at the local fight club in “Get Foley.”

Joan of Arcadia: In “Recreation,” God the pharmacist tells Joan not to do drugs, God the liquor store clerk won’t sell Joan beer and God the nerd tells Joan to have a party while her parents are out of town on a weekend getaway. God, make up your mind.

Judging Amy: In “Sins of the Fathers,” Harry breaks his son’s arm, but tells Maxine that he’ll never do it again. That’s what they all say, Maxine!

Las Vegas: A boxer is forced to quit due to a head injury, but Danny finds him another job. The fighter just can’t give up the life, though, with tragic results in “Blood and Sand.” In “Hellraisers and Heartbreakers,” Brooks and Dunn cameo at the craps tables, the new comedian is too foul for Big Ed’s taste and the casino gets a new surveillance system.

Law and Order: In “Payback,” we meet a new kind of gun for hire. In these tough economic times, apparently some upper-middle class folks are supplementing their incomes by killing people for the mob. Me, I just get a part time gig at Walmart.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent: Mama’s boy Harvey kills aspiring actress Marion’s husband in a case of “Unrequited” love.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Dennis Webster is a crazy racist who kills two Arabs in a manner too nasty for me to type out. You’re just gonna have to watch “Hate.” Ok, ok, he rapes them with a pipe and sets them on fire. Seer I told you. I have to wash my hands now.

Line of Fire: “Eminence Front” is a two-parter. In it, Jennifer Sampson’s young daughter is murdered by a gunman aiming for Jennifer.

Lyon’s Den: Everyone says this is cancelled, but it’s still on and they keep filming new episodes. Go figure. “Karen Sisco” should be this cancelled. Anyway, in “Beach House,” a diplomat’s kid drives drunk and kills someone (well, actually his much older male lover does) and a sorority sister must testify about a hazing ritual. In “Priviledged,” Riley defends a murderer who tells her where the bodies are buried and then dies. Should she tell or not?

Navy NCIS: A woman is buried and “Left for Dead.” When she’s found all she remembers is that there is a bomb set on a Navy ship.

NYPD Blue: Episode 12 is all about denial. A kid who stole a car and ran over a kid blames someone else, a witness denies knowing a rape victim, and the rape may have just been an internet sex game gone strange.

One Tree Hill: We meet Dan and Keith’s parents in episode 11.

Seventh Heaven: Pam will be a new character. She’s sexy and 17 and debuts in “Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead or Living.”

She Spies: New character Nikki is a minority agent who served time for beating up a superior officer. And she’s smokin’ hot.

The Shield: See, Lucretia works for the cops. She gives info to Pretty Boy who passes it on to gang leader Lil Psycho (hee!). Now, Desiree is Pretty Boy’s skanky ho girlfriend who cheats on him all the time and who Vic threatens to get info about Lil Psycho and all he knows about the police. This sitch blows up in all their faces. Oh, and Julien gets his sperm counted.

Six Feet Under: Episode 2 is “In Case of Rapture.” We meet Claire’s new friends Edie and Annette. Keith gets a crappy security job. Someone gets a shipment of dildos and blow up dolls. And the Sheedy kids lose a parent.

Suite Life: Mom’s a singer at a hotel and her two twin boys get into scrapes in this pilot now being shopped around.

Tangled Up in Blue: Rosanna Arquette’s career is revived by ABC Family. She plays a rock star, Blue, raising her daughter alone. I can’t get past her character in “Crash.” I keep seeing her in leg braces.

Third Watch: Tony covers for his friend who accidentally killed someone, because his buddy actually has a chance of going to college in “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.” Explain the “accidentally” part.

This Time Around: This pilot is filming for ABC, possibly for ABC Family. Mel (girl) and Drew (boy) move in together and their old roommates also end up moving in together, but they also live with gay pal Scott and are all just friends, or “Friends.” This is a spin-off from an ABC Family movie.

Threat Matrix: When in doubt, add a new cast member! She’ll be a young, former NYC cop. She’ll test her mettle in “PPX,” after a North Korean minister’s daughter is kidnapped. More details are discovered about the death of Timothy Vargas as well.

Two and a Half Men: In “Camel Filters and Pheromones,” the housekeeper’s daughter runs away to the guy’s apartment. (I know you don’t care about anything but the great titles.)

The West Wing: New character Carols Carrio is an Argentinean economic advisor. He’ll debut in episode 12, “Slow News Day”.

Without a Trace: In “Power Up,” the team learns the guy they are looking for is really in a coma in the hospital.

Young and the Restless: New character Terrance is an older British man, charming and rich and obviously modeled on Terrance Stamp, but hopefully not Terrance Stamp.