Bad News for One of the "Sex and the City" Gals

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Catching up after her extended break, today’s call includes info on “West Wing,” “The Shield,” “Sex and the City,” “Alias” and other shows we all know and love.

Alias: In episode 3.09, “Conscious,” we meet Dixon’s son and daughter. This can’t be good.

Cold Case: A man who was suspected of murder eight years ago finally receives his karmic comeuppance when a copycat killing takes place. This time, he has an alibi so that his name can finally be cleared. “Hubris” is the downfall of man.

C.S.I.: In “Coming Of Rage,” the team finds another evil killer, only this time it’s a 15 year old girl. Also, a mom is killed at her child’s birthday party by a stray bullet.

C.S.I. Miami: What’s the most extreme sport of all the extreme sports? Extreme murder, as the crew finds out in episode 2.10, cleverly titled “Extreme.”

The Division: Ripped from the headlines, it’s the Kobe Bryant affair with baseball players in “Play Ball.”

Eve: Rita has been seeing Roberto, her perfect man. He’s gorgeous and inventive in the sack, but doesn’t like it when she takes charge in “Hi Mom.”

JAG: Cassie is Kevin’s sister, and she gets set up on a date with Mikey Roberts. Much to Kevin’s chagrin, they hit it off. Mac and Harm investigate a killing that may be a set up by a man to frame the new boyfriend of his ex.

L.A. Dragnet: A scientist furious about his daughter’s drug addiction gets revenge by poisoning kilos of heroin and putting it out on the streets. It effects the addicts in very strange ways, including a guy who cuts himself up with a chainsaw. The episode is called “Riddance.”

Let’s Rumble: Celebrities go on air with their fantasy football picks in the pilot.

Miss Match: A judge wants Kate to help her find a husband, but the Judge is too judgmental to ever settle for anyone less than perfect. Kate must also help patch up a divorcing couple who went on a “Temptation Island”-type show and didn’t resist the temptation. All these folks just suffer from “Bad Judgment.”

Run Of The House: Sally gets a new boss, and Kurt thinks they are having an affair. But the new boss is gay, and wants to get himself some Joey (ahem, Joseph) Lawrence action.

Sex and the City: Sam finds a lump in her breast, Miranda and Steve go on their honeymoon, and Charlotte substitutes a puppy for a baby in episodes 6.15 and 6.16.

She Spies: In “The Gift,” the girls employ an 11-year-old psychic who’s been under government control for most her life to help them catch a man selling illegal tech.

The Shield: Vic goes after a Latino street gang, as he has to shut them down before connections between himself and their leader come to light. Also, elderly women are being targeted by a robber/rapist in the episode entitled “Mum.”

West Wing: It’s all in the family when we meet Gus, the president’s four-year-old grandson, in “Abu El Banal,” the season’s ninth episode.

Wonderfalls: Angie loves her doctor, so much so that she stabs herself and accuses him of murder when he dumps her as a patient in episode 1.08.