”Tru Calling” Flatlines and a Great Deal More!

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes the villain for the Halloween episode of “Angel,” “Tru Calling” regurgitates a Kiefer Sutherland/Julia Roberts film and info on both editions of “CSI.”

Angel: New demon Arch Duke Sebassis is the main villain for the Halloween episode. He has toadies and slaves on leashes and is sort of a David Bowie eurotrash style demon. Best line of the episode? He tells Angel that “I’ve been told many things about you. You’re a bit of a restless frog, eh? Making a lot of waves in your little swamp.”

Arrested Development: Lucille gets a rival in Lucille 2, who sleeps with Lucille’s son Buster. Hilarity ensues, or so says producer Ron Howard.

CSI: Here’s a new one for Google: Furries. Catherine and Grissom investigate a corpse found in a raccoon suit, and find out he was a Furry, a group of people who like to dress up as animals for sexual pleasure. The episode is called “Fur and Loathing”.

CSI Miami: Even in the middle of “Hurricane Anthony,” people still commit murders and the CSI team is still there to find the killers.

The Division: Look for new character Hank Riley, a police sketch artist, to be a love interest for newly divorced Jinny.

Grounded For Life: They actually called an episode “Beat the Brat”. Hello, there’s a word missing.

The Guardian: New character Robert Bridge is Lulu’s new assistant. He’s funny and flamboyant.

The Handler: Gangbanger Eddie is missing and his mom thinks he’s been picked up by the cops, but he’s found shot but alive and wandering the streets. The team must go undercover to find out what really happened in episode 105.

Joan of Arcadia In “Bringeth it On,” God tells Joan to try out for cheerleading.

Judging Amy: Maxine tries to help a battered woman and her son, but they disappear with the help of a secret underground railroad for abused families in episode 505, “Into the Fire.”

L.A. Dragnet: Ghost Dog is arrested for a drive by shooting that kills ten, but was he the shooter or a victim? Find out in “Seventeen in Six.”

Las Vegas: A new holiday is created. Groundhog Summer is the last week before school starts. Who knew? But this is a bad week to be in Vegas.

Line of Fire: A hit man hired by Malloy kills Kirk but is then himself killed by Amiel. Lisa uncovers a dirty cop. And I don’t know who any of these people are.

Musical Justice: VH1 is working on this new show that highlights the week’s top smoking gun stories of musicians’ brushes with the law.

Navy CIS: A boat covered in bullet holes washes up on shore and the team thinks it could be tied to drug dealing or terrorism — or both — in “Dirty Little Secrets.”

Oliver Beene: Oliver organizes a demonstration against a novelty store when his X Ray Specs fail to deliver. Charlotte’s sister is having an affair with the President. And Jerry inadvertently matchmakes a gay couple.

One on One: In “2 Young 2 Curious,” Amanda uses a fake ID to get into a club and gets picked up by a classmate’s dad. 2 Creepy.

The Practice: Jonathan Macklin is a white supremicist who coerced one of his followers to kill. This multi-episode arc begins with the episode “The Heat of Passion”.

The Sopranos: Someone ends up in anger management sessions, and I think it’s Janice, as she is caught and tackled by the cops.

Tru Calling: Tru investigates medical students who are briefly killing and then resuscitating themselves to experience repressed memories. I heard a rumor that Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts hooked up on set.

Without a Trace: In “Exposure,” a journalist investigating water pollution is missing. He was seen with his ex-girlfriend, a member of a militant environmentalist group. But, our journalist has sold lots of stories to the tabloids and has made many enemies. It will take the FBI to sort this out.

Wonderfalls: Mail order bride Katya travels from Russia to the U.S. to marry her internet pen pal, who turns out to be a 13-year-old kid. The episode has the best title ever: “Lovesick Ass”.