3 — Count ’em 3 — New Shows About Hollywood!

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on “Sopranos,” “NYPD Blue” and a new pilot by the Farrelly Brothers called “Why Blitt.”

All My Children: Watch for new character Zachery Bennett. He’s Pine Valley’s newest attorney, a good looking African-American man from Philly.

The District: New character Alex is the recipient of Ella Farmer’s heart. Mannion seeks him out and is not happy with what he sees. Alex is a gang-banger and always in trouble. (The kid must heal fast!) Mannion takes him under his wing.

Entourage: Young star Vince Chase, surrounds himself with friends and family who form a constant, live-in party. Pal Eric is growing weary of the constant binging and all the beautiful starlets, which leads to audience to believe that Eric is completely insane. This is filming for HBO, so expect nudity, y’all.

ER: Dr. Pratt hooks up with Dr. Gallant’s sister over a three episode arc. Also, Linda Cardellini joins the cast as plucky single-mom Nurse Samantha.

Hack: In episode 26, Rasheed is arrested for being part of a terrorist cell, but he’s really just a mild-mannered zoo keeper.

The Handler: Joe runs into a criminal who knew him back when he was working undercover, and who recruits Joe to do a job in “Bruno Comes Back.”

Hollywood Dave: It’s the scripted version of “Project Greenlight.” A schlub from Jersey comes to Hollywood to make a film. No network takers so far, but the pilot will be shopped around.

JAG: “The One That Got Away” is Marine Sergeant Andrews, charged with desertion when he is found wandering in a sandstorm. Andrews didn’t kill a little boy who stumbled upon his troop’s hide in Iraq, and the kid went and told their location to Iraqi soldiers, leading to American soldiers’ deaths.

Jake 2.0: In episode 4, Jake starts to have feelings for an arms dealer’s daughter, right before he kills her dad. Not a good start, methinks.

Law and Order: In “Patient Zero,” L&O rips SARS from the headlines when a man injects a former lover with the virus AND an SUV owned by a terrorist and containing a vial of SARS virus gets carjacked. It’s SARSapalooza.

Line of Fire: Kathleen’s husband died in 9-11, and now her daughter is kidnapped. She can’t take much more, when she finds out that her child was taken by her husband, who faked his death. Jaysus.

Lyon’s Den: In “Hubris,” Jack’s friend Paul is arrested for insider trading and Paul’s wife Amanda must choose to stand by her man, or stand by her dad, who is Paul’s boss. Jack is put under surveillance when Paul goes missing.

The Mullets: In a burst of irrational exuberance, this show is still filming. In “Quizzardry,” the Mullet boys go on a Jeopardy-esque game show and repeatedly buzz the buzzer whether they know the answer or not. Hilarity ensues.

NYPD Blue: In episode 3, Andrea Miner reports her husband missing, blithely leaving out the fact that he went missing after he attempted robbery during a job that she helped plan.

Peacemakers: The preacher’s wife fakes her own death so that she can run away with her lover. Stone doesn’t know this, and he kills her abductor, damning her to her loveless marriage. Damn!

The Sopranos: Episode 509 is called “Unidentified,” and some of the action takes place at a construction site. The Esplanade maybe?

Threat Matrix: The team searches West Africa for a stolen airplane filled with nuclear material. They fear it will be used in a copycat 9-11 attack. Episode 1.5 is called, and this will come as no surprise to anyone, “In Plane Sight.”

Tru Calling: In “Past Tense,” Tru’s old college buddies turn up at her morgue. Tru uses her powers to attend the fateful bachelor party where they died, hoping to find their killer.

The West Wing: During the 4th episode, Donna’s Aunt and Uncle visit from Wisconsin.

Why Blitt: Peter and Bobby Farrelly are bringing this pilot to Fox. Written by Ricky Blitt and Peter, and directed by Bobby, it’s about producer Ricky Blitt, awkward and bumbling, but charming enough to succeed in Hollywood. In the pilot, Ricky’s assistant Don is dumped by Ricky the second Ricky actually sells a show in Hollywood. Don kills himself, and his twin brother shows up (what’s with the Farrellys and twins?). Look for Cameron Diaz and Shannon Elizabeth to make cameos in the pilot.

Wonderfalls: Plain Vivian was the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel in the 1940’s, back when these stunts were the X Games of the day. Deemed not pretty enough, promoters gave vavoomy girl Maude the title. 50 years later, the women return to the Falls to duke it out.