I’m Spoiling "Angel" Episode 5.03. Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on “Alias,” “Angel,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Smallville,” “Friends,” “CSI” and more!

10-8: In episode 5, after dissing a Jamaican suspect’s beliefs and superstitions, Rico ends up cursed and has a terrible day, ending with his arrest.

Alias: In “Reunion,” a hobby shop may be the front for something else, as employee Gus knows too much about spy tech. We also get to meet Boris Oransky, a Russian engineer.

Angel: Episode 503 is called “Unleashed,” and what’s unleashed are werewolves! Woo Hoo! Nina is bitten by a werewolf, and we all know what that means. (We do, right? She becomes a werewolf, too.) The gang must find her before she becomes the main course in a nutty dinner party where rich people eat werewolf. Did W&H turn her on purpose, just to serve her up to rich clients? I sure hope so. (For the hot off the press spoilers for the Halloween-themed episode 5.04, click here)

As the World Turns: New teens Kyle and Nick will show up and look cute.

Becker: If anyone cares, new character Jimmy is a friend of Jake’s who’s always unemployed and always dreaming of his next scam. See, you thought you cared, but you really don’t.

Boomtown: In “The Big Picture”, a B-movie actress is missing after a confrontation with a director who promised her a part that didn’t exist. The director is the prime suspect, until he ends up dead, killed by…you guessed it.

Cold Case: A serial rapist is finally caught, freeing his victims from years of fear in episode 104, “Useless Cats.”

CSI: A police officer screws up evidence against rapist Michael Fife, and the CSI team has 24 hours to come up with a way to convict him. The new Las Vegas Sheriff isn’t helping, as he wants to distance himself from the whole debacle.

The District: Could a parole officer be the prime suspect in the murder of one of his parolees? Or was she killed by her ex-con boyfriend, Raynel Byrd, so named, so that the episode could be titled “Free Byrd.” Ugh.

Friends: Phoebe’s nieces and nephews re-appear, just when we’ve all forgotten about them!

Gilmore Girls: Let the casting begin for Rory’s new dude. He’ll be funny and good looking and, unfortunately, not Dean.

Grounded For Life: In “Pay You Back With Interest”, Eddie needs cash to pay off his debts, so he takes on a roommate, tries to sell a fake Warhol painting, but blows it all by buying a plasma TV. Doesn’t he know you can win one of those on the internet?

Happy Family: Sara sleeps with her cute, young assistant. Amy remembers this plot from “Friends.”

Helter Skelter: Yes, you read that right. CBS will be re-telling the Charles Manson story in a three-hour movie. The Helter Skelter family go on an anti-establishment break-in spree, that ends in multiple murders. The movie will follow the arrest and trial of Manson and the family and is based on prosecutor Vincent Buglosi’s book. This is such a crazy thing for CBS to be making and I’m absolutely sure it will succeed.

L.A. Dragnet: It’s the seedy side of suburban sex lives with swingers, wives with gay husbands, and a missing kid in an episode called “Abduction.” Friday remembers all this stuff from his “Married With Children” days.

Las Vegas: Mary falls for her psychic, Danny worries about Nessa talking to guy he busted for cheating, and Delinda’s boss, a goofy celebrity chef, is smitten with her. Is there a ‘Save “Lucky”‘ petition out there yet, because I like the “Lucky” version of Las Vegas better than this.

NYPD Blue: Fraker and Rodriquez continue to battle, even as Fraker is sued for sexual harassment from someone else. Medavoy and Jones investigate the death of a prostitute.

She Spies: The Chairman is murdered and the girls get a new boss. It’s really just a set-up, and the new boss is just using the She Spies for her own ends. The girls kick her ass.

Smallville: Sara is being kept in a coma by her uncle, but she reaches out to Clark in dreams. I too, reach out to Superman in dreams, but he never shows up. In “Slumber” I’ll bet Superman shows up, though. Also, a new character will be showing up in a later episode named Dr. Claire Foster, an attractive psychiatrist hired by LutherCorp to help Lex. The role (which calls for an African-American female in her late 20s to early 30s) sis originally billed as a guest star, but is a possible recurring role.

Strong Medicine: The episode is called “Love and Let Die.” Seriously, I’m setting Tivo for this show just based on how funny their titles are. Anyway, the hospital hires an actress to play sick to test the diagnostic skills of the doctors. Can they do this? Is it ethical? I’m so watching this. I don’t even care that it’s on Lifetime.

The West Wing: In “Jefferson Lives,” we get a new character in “Bingo” Bob Russell, a bubba Republican from Colorado. They’re looking for a name actor, and I’m thinking Billy Bob needs this. Oh yeah “Slingblade,” you’re not too big for TV anymore, my friend. It looks like Gary Cole is getting the role instead, which is good.

Without a Trace: In “Prodigy,” a 14-year-old violinist disappears from Carnegie Hall on concert night. The crew follows her and her valuable violin’s trail, as Samantha bravely tries to recover from a gunshot wound.

Wonderfalls: Runaway Yvette has been living a lie for 20 years–until this episode CHANGES EVERYTHING.