The One That Has A Tiny Bit Of "Friends" News

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on “Everwood,” “ER,” “Gilmore Girls” and so much more.

10-8: Rico’s estranged dad shows up in episode 4, but Rico is not ready to reconcile. He’s busy anyway looking into a murder and getting hit on by the transvestite witness.

Boston Public: A nice girl turns bad when pushed too hard into cheerleading by her mom. This is totally a waste of an episode titled “sixty nine.”

The District: Young Amy is stalked by an internet pedophile who she meets up with F2F. The team must go undercover on the net and, as ripped from the headlines, are taught how to chat by some teenage girls.

ER: “Shifts Happen,” and on these shifts we have injured street racers, a kid who swallowed a quarter, a motorcycle accident, and a man who goes spontaneously mute.

Everwood: Scandal in Everwood! Travis admits to Dr. Brown he’s sexually active with a group of his friends. Travis is in middle school.

Friends: In “The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss,” a girl named Precious makes an appearance. PRECIOUS? Also, David Schwimmer directs this episode.

Gilmore Girls: One of Rory’s new friends will be Tana, a 16 year old Yale freshman. I miss Laine already. Give Laine a spin off. It would actually be good enough for than one episode.

Good Morning Miami: New character Joni is adding some color to the Miami bullpen. She’s the sexy new weathergirl.

Hack: Washington gets shot by an orderly at the hospital in the second episode of the new season.

The Handler: In Episode 4 the team goes undercover to investigate cigarette smuggling.

Help Wanted: New on TLC is this reality show that makes over the unemployed and their resumes to gets them hired. They teach them to do the opposite.

JAG: A Filipino terrorist is having all the supporters of an anti-terrorist billed killed, but Harm’s on in. Also, Mikey must rat out his cheating roommate at West Point.

Jake 2.0: Jake goes undercover on the net to catch some hackers, but is exposed by the very person he’s impersonating. The episode is titled “The Good, The Bad and the Geeky.” For real.

Less Than Perfect: Claude’s high school crush visits her, but now that she has her life together she’s not nervous, or giggly, or gawky or…who are we kidding.

Line of Fire: In “Boom Swagger Boom,” Lisa realizes she slept with a felon, and must call on her ex-boyfriend to help her. Also, a corrupt Marshal sells the names and aliases of people in the witness protection program. Just like on “Charlie’s Angels!”

The Mullets: It’s a “Love Freakin’ Story” for Duane Mullet when he runs his car into a Trans Am and finds his soul mate.

Oliver Beene: Oliver thinks he has it made when he befriends the class scary dude and all the bullies back off.

The Peacemakers: In “Bad Company,” a young inventor is a target for folks who want to steal his inventions.

Phil of the Future: Phil daydreams in class about a history teacher who looks like Lara Croft. Groundbreaking TV.

Run of the House: Man, it’s good to have Joey Lawrence back on TV.

She Spies: The girls go undercover on a reality dating show that gets taken over by terrorists. This would be the best reality dating show ever.

Third Watch: We got the first SARS based plotline of the new season. Who had “Third Watch” in the pool?

Threat Matrix: In “Dr. Germ,” the team searches for poison gas in the Middle East. Maybe they’ll actually find something, since this is fiction.

Tru Calling: Tru’s brother has a new girlfriend with a tragic past, or does she? Good thing Tru’s got psychic powers.