New Characters in "24," "Alias," "Everwood" and More!

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on the new characters in “24,” “Alias” and “Everwood” we’ll be seeing this fall, as well as stuff on “Sopranos,” “Nip/Tuck,” “CSI Miami” and “Stargate SG-1.”

24: Kiefer gets a partner! Maybe now he’ll be able to take a bathroom break! More info can be found in our article here.

Alias: New characters for next season include a new agent very similar to Syd in that she’s young and tough (but her style will be very different), Vaughn’s wife (!!!!!!!!!), a new love interest for Syd who is “not boyish but a real man” (Yay! I’ve always thought Vaughn was sort of a weenie!), and a new Kingpin character. Expect big stunt casting for this new villain dude. But, unlike other “Alias” guest spots, this will be a recurring character throughout the season.

All My Children: Krystal is a new character who is 19 year old Babe’s mother. She has raised Babe to feel no guilt or shame, but is now paying the price for this as her daughter runs wild.

CSI Miami: Season 2 starts with an episode called “Blood Brothers” and revolves around the Cruz brothers. Two rich South American playboys who are also psychopaths. A later episode called “Death Grip,” about a pretty young tennis player who runs away from home with her boyfriend and makes it look like a kidnapping. The more we learn about her family, the more we see who she ran. Looks like a good beginning for the show’s sophomore year.

Everwood: Andy finds himself smitten with Dr. Abbott’s sister, who is nothing like her brother. She’s a doctor of Eastern medicine. Ephram finds his nemesis in Delia’s new babysitter, a musician, but not like Ephram– she’s in a punk band. Maybe she’ll affect him so strongly he’ll make an actual facial expression.

The Guardian: Episode 301 is called “Carnival,” and involves a sideshow mom named Insecitvora whose son may be suffering abuse at the hands of the ringmaster. Insectivora is covered in tattoos and piercings and dances with snakes. Her mom must be so proud.

Monk In “Mr. Monk and the 12th Victim,” Monk and Sharona track a serial killer whose trail leads back to a ten year old personal injury case. Now, I want to murder all those personal injury lawyers too, damn ambulance chasers.

Nip/Tuck: New recurring character Sofia Lopez is a transsexual who is almost through with her sex change. She has a friend who’s sex change gets botched and who almost dies. Sofia brings her to the “Nip/Tuck” guys, who fix the surgery pro bono. This may be the only nice things that happens on this show. But, in this same episode, Julia becomes study buddies with a male escort who is in her class, and Matt gets an STD from a porn fluffer. I will hate this show, yet watch it religiously.

The O.C. New “O.C.” debutante Anna Stern has nothing in common with the other debs. She’d rather talk about comics than fashion. Someone tell her there’s room for both in her life!

One Life to Live: This is my favorite type of soap opera casting call. They are looking for “the man of every woman’s dream”. Like you can find this with an ad.

The Outpost: Bubble Quandary Partners is pitching this pilot, directed by Joel Watson. Actors get no pay, but get a DVD of the finished pilot! Best of luck to Joel, as this sounds pretty cool. “Outpost” is about a planetary, er, outpost, inhabited by humans and Urliggsonauts (who appear as human, but look hideous to humans who look at them on the show–you know, like in “They Live!”). There’s a hologram to represent the computer mainframe named Haley, who can only be a tribute to Red Dwarf, and humans have personal therapists who appear to them in the form of cartoon animals to give them advice. There are few women on the outpost, and competition for their affections is fierce. The show is played for comedy, with touches of “Catch 22” and “Office Space.” This seems to be a labor of love for those involved, and should be a fun show for sci fi aficionados. Or, it will suck. Either way, most likely no one will ever see it, but I support anyone who makes this much effort to get a show put together.

Seventh Heaven: In “Long Bad Summer,” Don and Anne Smith lose their son in a car accident. How they deal with this will continue through the second part of this 2 parter.

She Spies: Teen pop star Raine is not all he seems. He’s been hypnotized as part of a black market research program. The girls must sort all this out or be out of job. Oh, and the girls go undercover as nuns. NUNS!

The Sopranos: Episode 6 of the fifth Season introduces Sungyon Kim, a laundry owner who owes Tony gambling money. We know what happens to people who owe Tony gambling money, don’t we?

Stargate SG-1: In “Grace,” Carter gets abducted by aliens and suffers a concussion. She has visions of a little girl named “Grace”, who may not be only a vision.

Strong Medicine: Episode 409 is called “Temperature’s Rising.” Philly goes nuts during a heat wave, and the hospital must deal with kids left in cars, gang killings, and petty assaults.