"Sex and the City" and "Carnivale!" It’s My Lucky Day!

Casting calls and news items in the TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on the new Showtime project “Paradise”, new titles for several pilots, a new student on “ER,” and my new potential fave “Bar Car.”

Bar Car: This is a late night, dramedy/current events talk show where seven people all take the same train home from work and talk about their lives and current events on the ride home. Why do I think this could work? I’m as insane as the producer.

Carnivale: In “The Day That Was The Day,” a Texas Ranger shows up chasing Ben (remember, Ben was in leg irons in the pilot). Ben ends up having to kill to save another life. This is episode 112, and the season finale. I wish HBO had network sized seasons.

Dead Like Me: Daisy and Rube work a scam on a psychic who is charging people to contact their departed loved ones (remember, they are dead). They feed the psychic false messages. They get busted by one of the dead they are impersonating. I don’t even pretend to get this.

Dead Zone: In “The Combination,” Johnny sees the death of a boxer, but he can’t convince him not to fight the fight. Maybe he’s been hit in the head too many times before.

Division: New character Stacy Newland is in her 20s and straight out of the academy. She’s Kate’s office assistant. Her family is wealthy, and she’s running away from that, and from a broken heart. Only on Lifetime.

ER: The new med student is impossibly rich and incredibly good looking. He comes from wealth and has breezed through school, but he’s on his way to becoming a fantastic doctor. It’s not Carter, really! It’s a NEW character.

It’s All Relative: This show about two crazy kids whose only problem is their in-laws. His are homophobic; her’s are two daddies. Lenny Clarke, Harriet Harris, Reid Scott, John Benjamin-Hickey, Chris Sieber and Maggie Lawson star.

Line of Fire: In episode 2, Malloy tries to talk a former baseball player to give professional ball another go, Paige must track down a lost gun, and the murder that took place in the pilot is still being investigated. A continuing storyline? On network TV? Cool.

Maid of the Mist: Now called “Wonderfalls,” this series has a cast. Caroline Dhavernas, Katie Finneran, Diana Scarwid, William Sadler and Tyron Leisto star in this series about a nutty narcissist and the lives she touches as her life reaches rock bottom.

Paradise: Richard Christian Matheson and Norman Steinberg are producing this show for Showtime. It’s about Bobby Paradise, a former astronaut who is now a rich evangelist. His kids all work for the ministry, and it’s a full time job for Bobby just to cover up all their indiscretions.

Peacemakers: In “29 Seconds,” the cowboy and the Pinkerton must uncover the truth before an innocent man is hung. I plan to say “Pinkerton” in every column.

Phil of the Future: Curtis is a Neanderthal who speaks through a translator hat. I have nothing more to say about this show.

Sex and the City: Episode 609 is called “No Shoe No Service” and finds Miranda with a new man. He’s African-American and fine and a doctor for the Knicks. Kyra is a friend of Sanford’s and she is throwing a party at her loft. She makes everyone take off their shoes, and Carrie’s Manalo’s get stolen! Episode 610 is called “Guy Interrupted.” Jeremy is Carrie’s high school flame, in town for their reunion, and not just their school reunion. Also, Samantha sneaks into the stylish Soho Club on another member’s card and gets busted.

She Spies: Shane takes up with her old partner–in crime. Will Shane help him with his latest heist, or is she just working undercover?

Stargate SG-1: The team tries to stop the destruction of a planet, while the planets governors bicker amongst themselves, jockeying for position even though their deaths are imminent.

Untitled Twins Project: See, this family has twin boys, and twin girls. That’s the plot. Seriously.

Untitled Tom Hertz Project: Now titled “Back to Kansas” and starring Breckin Meyer (who left “Coupling” for this), it’s about New Yorker Tom moving home to be near his new wife’s large family in a small town. Dude, you should have stayed with “Coupling.”