Amy’s Casting Couch for March 31, 2003

Casting calls and news items in the film and TV community come in each day here to FJ. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on a dozen shows including The Sopranos, ER and CSI.

All My Children Alexander Cambias will be a recurring character who is a EuroTrash businessman.

Celebrity Look Alike Look like a celeb? The WB will let you prove is as you live a day in the life of your twin. Well, at least until someone notices that you are not really J-Lo.

CSI In episode 322, Lucius Sweet is running a drug ring from inside prison, while a sexy, boyish ex-con goes sociopath.

ER “Kisingani” and “The Lost” are two of the episodes set in Africa. Debbie is a relief worker who may have an affair with Carter. The hospital is also filled with children injured by Mai Mai warriors. We really only care about Carter, don’t we?

Judging Amy Callie is 16 and her boyfriend is 26. They want to get married but her mother, a drug addict who is recently recovered, now wants her daughter back.. Episode 423 is called, “Marry Marry Quote Contrary.” How cute.

Law and Order Monty Bender is a successful Saturday Night Live player who dangles his infant son from a balcony but drops him. Oh, and his baby was adopted because Monty is rumored to be gay and perhaps a pedophile. Someone should sue!

Law and Order Special Victims Unit In “Conscience”, Mitch is a valet at an upscale hotel who frames his guests for a murder he committed.

One Life to Live River Carpenter will be making several appearances. He’s the rebellious teen adopted son of Cassie and Reverend Andrew Carpenter.

The Sopranos In Season 5 there will be a few new characters. One is Linda Strunzi, a tacky 40ish lady who travels with her bodyguard. Also, Livia’s sister Gemma Blundetto will visit. Hopefully she’ll be as scary as Livia.

Spellbound This Bewitched remake is worth a second mention. NBC is filming this one where the husband is a warlock who gives up his powers to marry a muggle, I mean, mortal.

The Stones Robert Klein and Judith Light have been cast as the divorcing Stones. Jay Baruchel and Lindsay Sloane are their children.

Trance Rock Wanna be a celebrity? Let this cable show HYPNOTIZE you and you can be your favorite star, or cluck like a chicken… Worst. Concept. Ever.