Amy’s Casting Couch for March 25, 2003

Casting calls and news items in the film and TV community come in each day here to FJ. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on more than 15 new pilots and shows including “Angel,” “The Daily Show,” “Enterprise” and “Monk.”

Angel In episode “Peace Out”, #421, Angel encounters a High Priest when he travels to another dimension.

The Boulevard The makers of Taxicab Confessions are working on this pilot set on the Sunset Strip. They need actors and musicians who perform or hand on the Strip who came to Los Angeles to make it big.

Carnivale Ok, I didn’t like the concept of this show at first, but it’s grown on me and now I’m psyched. In episode 106, “Pick a Number”, the carnies search for a killer, and evangelist Brother Justin hit’s the road to minister to hobos, with amazing results.

Charmed In the Season Finale, “Oh My Goddess”, the girls have to battle the Titans, and are granted mythical powers to protect the Elders. The Titans are freed by the demon Mordock. Oh, and there’s a charity bachelor auction!

CSI Miami Episode 122 is called “Tinder Box”. The tinder box in question is a nightclub that burns. How topical.

The Daily Show The Daily Show is seeking a female correspondant full time. Paging Tina Fey!!!

Enterprise In “The Expanse”, a woman from Archer’s past, Rebecca, makes an appearance, and, the Klingon Council, made up of grizzled warriors also is present.

ER In “When Night Meets Day”, Dr. Pratt bonds with a patient with a mysterious illness, a construction worker is run through with re-bar, a guy has a heart attack, a guy goes blind and a girl almost drowns. To top it off, a building across the street burns.

Hunter A murdered girl’s dad goes vigilante in “To Protect and Serve”

Jack’s House Jack’s a 20-Something photographer whose life changes when he buys an evil house, ticking off both his roommate and his girlfriend. Really, that’s the whole plot.

Knee High P.I. Comedy Central is filming a possible pilot about Hank Dingo, a “little person” private eye whose attitude makes up for his size. (short man syndrome, we get it) He takes on his genius nephew as an assistant and his mom is his secretary. Hilarity ensues.

Law and Order A father and son sniper team is the subject of “Title”, which is Ripped from the Headlines!

Law and Order Special Victims Unit In “Perfect”, a cult is trying to clone a baby. Ripped from the Headlines, indeed.

NYPD Blue In Episode 21, a compulsive gambler may have killed his girlfriend, and Sipowicz and McDowell fight for custody of baby Michelle.

Smash The WB is filming this new music show, one of the first in prime time in over 30 years. They’ll be news and interviews with live bands performing their hits. Top of the Pops!

Temptation Island They need ethnic couples, stat! Oh, and they want models and actors. Real couples need not apply…

The West Wing The White House is seeking a new congressional assistant, Claire, she needs to have “an interesting face”. This is another way of saying “good personality” isn’t it?