Amy’s Casting Couch for March 20, 2003

Casting calls and news items in the film and TV community come in each day here to FJ. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on more than 20 new pilots and current shows including Scott Wolf’s new show, Alias, Stargate and Tom Selleck’s latest.

The Agency Two North Korean sleeper agents are activated after a decade of living in the States. Will they carry out their missions or just take the kids to soccer?

Alias Proteo De Regno is an art restorer who gets violently killed in Episode 671. Haven’t we seen this before on Alias? What is happening to my show?

Alligator Point Jaime Pressly, James McDaniel, Jim Rash and Nathan Fillion have been cast.

As The World Turns Dying classmate of Jake’s “Bucky Cromwell”, cons Jake into writing his last term paper so he can die with a diploma. Unfortunately, cheating is cheating and Jake takes the fall for the Buckster.

As The World Turns Mason is a new character with a three year contract. He’s a businessman with a score to settle.

Charmed On “Necromancing the Stone”, Grams returns for Wyatt’s Wiccanning. But first, they have to vanquish a few demons and a wily and handsome Necromancer.

Charmed A new character is introduced in a 2 hour special. He’s handsome, charming and a white lighter from the future. He’ll be back next season.

CSI A murder at a race track, and a double teen killing that was elaborately staged are the killings in Episode 321 ”Forever”.

Curb Your Enthusiam For Episodes 3 and 4, various Middle Easterners and Russians are needed for Larry to misunderstand and insult.

The District A murder at a homeless shelter involves a shelter volunteer on a hunger strike in “Castaways”, Episode 61. Raina also meets her real mom.

The District A love interest for Nancy is being introduced in Episode 320. Terry is a DC cop. Like everyone else on the show.

Fastlane In Episode 121, “Iced“, a former undercover agent of Billie’s has gone bad. Really, really bad. He’s poisoning cast members!!

Judging Amy Stu’s mother comes for a visit with disastrous results in Episode 422. Just once, I want the date’s parents to be nice. Just once.

Last Chance This pilot revolves around a shelter for at-risk boys, kids who are in trouble and the staff who want to help them get their lives back. This Lil Oz has a huge cast and, I feel, a huge potential to be good. Networks, take notice.

Make My Day This is a BBC reality show that the WB is Americanizing. A person is chosen to be secretly filmed as they are set up for the best day of their lives, including celebrity encounters. At the end of the day, they get a prize. Not bad, sign me up!

Monk In “Mr. Monk Goes Back to School”, Monk goes undercover as a substitute teacher. Do you think the kids will make fun of him? Or embrace him as a lovable kook? And does Monk’s constant battle of wits with the science teacher yield any clues to the school murders? Is this show just a sub for Murder She Wrote? Tune in and find out!

Mr. Ambassador Yeah! Rupert Everett in my living room every week! No new news, but I’m just pushing this show. I hope the writing’s good!

Opposite Sex Eve stars in this pilot for UPN. It’s the black Friends, with six pals who talk about live and love.

Rubbing Charlie A runner up for worst title, Scott Wolf stars in the pilot for CBS. He’s a commitment shy doctor, who’s girlfriend leaves him as he befriends a new-age masseuse. See, the rubbing part isn’t dirty, it just sounds dirty. So funny, so clever.

Stargate In “Lifeboat”, a stranded ship turns out to be inhabited with the souls of dying civilizations, all of which inhabit Daniel and drive him nuts.

Touch Em All McCall Taking over the lead as “Worst Titled Show of All Time” (beating out Nip/Tuck!) Tom Selleck returns to TV as the aforementioned McCall. (This is the last time I’m typing “Touch Em All”). He’s a former Major League hitter who returns to his hometown to manage their little minor league team. He finds his former sweetheart and former rival there. I know, this is a totally boring plot, but I am a softie for Selleck. Just please, NBC, change the name.

Untitled Nicole Sullivan Pilot Nicole is a veterinarian who loves her new husband and his big family. Isn’t that sweet? Isn’t it?