Amy’s Casting Couch for March 13, 2003

Casting calls and news items in the film and TV community come in each day here to FJ. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on more than 20 new pilots and current shows including Angel, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, West Wing and who is Fearless. After taking a week off, I’m back with more news. Without further ado:

The Agency Again I say, don’t call your episode “Attack of the Mole People” if there are no Mole People in it! What’s really in it are a bunch of weapons dealers selling to North Korea.

Alias The crew are heading to Nepal to see some monks about something. I’m guessing it’s more stuff Garibaldi has hidden. That dude really got around.

All American Girl will be having a lifeguarding competition in an upcoming episode. Because this is a skill all girls should have…

Angel In the presently untitled episode 4.20, some of Gunn’s old crew are so freaked out they have taken to living in the sewers to avoid the creepies. Wouldn’t there be more monsters in the sewers??? Apparently there is at least one, a demon from another dimension who is a “follower of Jasmine”.

The Courtship of Eddie’s Father Another update of a classic show, Tom, the widowed dad, now works at a hip magazine in San Fran. You know, just to jazz it up.

CSI Miami Episode 121 “Spring Break” focuses on the producers of “Girls Gone Wild” I mean “Babes on Break” and the “Tequila Man” a party facilitator. Woo Hoo! Show us your tits!

Enterprise In “Bounty” the show goes all Boba Fett on us as a group of bounty hunters look for their prey.

ER In “Foreign Affairs”, there’s an injured baseball player, gangbangers doing a drive-by, and someone in a hyperbaric chamber. These are our wounds of the week.

Fearless has found it’s woman without fear in Rachel Leigh Cook. Does anyone in the world think that she really can pull off being a cop without fear. She looks like freakin’ Bambi.

Hotel and The Untitled Aaron Spelling Hotel Project We’ve got so many pilots set in Hotels and resorts, there will have to be a shake down. I expect these two, on FOX and UPN respectively, to actually make it, at least for three episodes…

John Doe In “Remote Control”, a blind remote viewing psychic is being held hostage by a millionaire who is holding many psychics captive in an attempt to take over the world. What has happened to this show?

Logan Man ABC has cast Bow Wow as Bryce Logan, a 16 year old genius who has graduated from Princeton and is now working as a high school teacher, at his older brother’s high school. Bickering ensues.

The Mullet Brothers This show needs no explanation. It’s on UPN. It’s about Denny and Dwayne Mullet. And, in the pilot, the boys try to win their Mom Wrestlemania tickets.

Seventh Heaven Matt lets his personal problems get in the way of his medical career in episodes 21 and 22 “Life and Death”. Awww, poor Matt.

Sex and the City Carrie gets to open the Stock Exchange, and Samantha gets to do a stock broker. The broker gives Sam a hot tip (in more ways than one) but then gets busted for insider trading. Episode 601 is called “To Market To Market”.

Six Feet Under “I’m Sorry I’m Lost” is the last episode of the season. Federico is tempted by a lush Latina who may be back next season, Nate gets in a bar fight, and an Armenian gas station owner is our weekly corpse.

The Sopranos New character “Feech La Manna” is an older Jersey boss just out of jail and looking to regain his stature and earnings. He’ll cause trouble until he gets whacked.

Stargate Jarlath is a “large, ugly human (think Gary Busey meet the Rock)”. After you stop laughing at the description I’ll tell you he’s a space racer who competes against Warrick in “Space Racers”.

The Swap This new reality series on ABC has families swap Moms for ten days. It’s based on a UK show of the same name. This is such a set-up for disaster I will watch this religiously.

Talented Seniors Now we have a contest for the elderly. Where will this endrrrr

Untitled Kevin Hart Project Kevin’s dad goes to jail for embezzlement, and Kevin must go live with his auntie in the hood. It’s the not so Fresh Prince.

Untitled Tom Kelleher Project Now the frazzled new father is a rocker DJ. Just to spice up this tired old formula.

The West Wing Air Force One has a landing gear problem, putting the Prez in danger in “Hard Landing”.

What Should You Do Lifetime, prepare to be sued! This reality serious presents horrible events (bike accidents, stalkers, fires etc.) and then tests some poor schmuck to see if they do the right thing.

Whoopi Goldberg Project Whoopi is Mavis, a singer who inherits a hotel. This is produced by Carsey Werner, so it has a shot at getting some good writers. Check it out if you can stand Whoopi. I cannot.