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An Epic Interview with John Roecker

Live Freaky! Die Freaky! will be, without a shadow of a doubt, the single greatest film of all time about Charles Manson being the savior to all humanity in the year 3069. The official site describes it as being about a group of people in a future Earth that has been ravaged by pollution and war who are in need of food and a god to save them. The god that comes to their rescue is, predictably, Charles Manson. I recently talked with the film’s director, John Roecker, about this “epic picture of puppet proportions.” And, of course, by “talked with,” I mean I typed some stuff up and sent it to him, then he typed some stuff up and sent it back. Enjoy.

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Picking the Brain of Chris Watson on ”Zombiegeddon”

There’s a new zombie flick in town and it’s name is “Zombiegeddon.” I recently sat down with the film’s director, Chris Watson, and picked his brain about the film and whatever else I could find in there.

And, of course, by “sat down with,” I mean that I sat down and e-mailed him some questions then he, in all likelihood sitting down as well, emailed me the answers to.

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