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The Black Hole

This is about the movies that had meaning and achieved a respectable degree of success even without those spectacular high tech computer visual effects that are in use today. And such begins the series, that is being spawned from the success of the Trek Tribute Series, with “The Black Hole.”

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Tribute to the True Trek Talent, Part VI

It was a wonderful 12 years of new movies for the original cast. They have been through their share of ups & downs. The time has come for the entire original cast to step down from Star Trek, yet go out with a bang at the same time in what would be their final movie together. But sadly, one special man didn’t get to live long enough to see the completion of the final TOS film. That man was known as “The Great Bird of the Galaxy”, Gene Roddenberry. So the movie, which was coincidentally and appropriately called “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country,” was dedicated to the creator of “Star Trek.”

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Tribute to the True Trek Talent, Part V

You know many would say that “Star Trek V” was the worst of the Star Trek films. Well that may have been so, but not anymore! Thanks to “Nemesis” taking over the distinctive honor, “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” is now off the hook. But seriously, what the movie may have lacked in special effects it made up for in the theme it portrays. “ST II: TWOK” was about aging, “ST III: TSFS” was about true loyalty, and “ST IV: TVH” was about courage. “ST V: TFF” was about family. And not just relative-wise. The bonds you forge over the years with comrades and friends become so solid over the years that those people are like a second family. Kirk said it best near the end of the movie with the quote, “I lost a brother once. I was lucky I got him back.” This of course was in reference to Spock and his rescue in “ST III.” And the underlying theme of family is centered around an emotional Vulcan’s search for God.

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Tribute to the True Trek Talent, Part IV

Star Trek’s popularity was at a high point since “ST III: TSFS” was released. And even though it wasn’t quite as good as “TWOK”, it still left the fans wanting more. But at the same time, the general consensus was reached that the next film should take a more lighter approach. And thus “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” was released in 1986. It has achieved the highest grossing box office (at $109,713,132) of all the Star Trek movies and rightfully so.

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Tribute to the True Trek Talent, Part III

Star Trek’s popularity began to soar after the release of “ST II: TWOK” which left the fans wanting more. On the other hand, it also left those same fans feeling disappointed. I mean here we have Spock, who has truly become a fan favorite, dead. Well, it seemed that the producers wanted to make it possible for them to bring Spock back should a moment such as this arise. Nicholas Meyer didn’t want to direct Trek 3 because he felt that would make his work on 2 pointless with Spock’s death and everything. In his mind, bringing Spock back would’ve been pointless to everything he worked on…

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Tribute to the True Trek Talent, Part II

Well folks, the plot continues to unfold as I now provide a look back into the success that was “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. Critics referred to Star Trek II as, “That’s more like it!” The first movie showed off a brilliant array of special effects and such, but it lacked the action and true spirit of Star Trek. Star Trek II was much closer to that spirit and Harve Bennett did a helluva job at picking a good candidate episode from the original series to base the movie sequel off of.

“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” is considered to be the best Star Trek movie of them all. Why is that you ask? Well let’s go into detail shall we? The short version of why is that it takes the more overall premise and nature of what Star Trek was all about and intensifies it greatly. We’re talking the drama, action, suspense, and special effects all enhanced.

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