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News from March 11, 2001

For many years, Syd Field has sold a crapload of books and videos by being called a screenwriting guru. Yet virtually no one can tell you off the top of their head any script Field has ever written. Los Angeles correspondent IndieGeek reports Field has been signed to do a final rewrite on a loose translation of the Portuguese screenplay “God’s Hands, Women’s Fingers.”

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News from February 28, 2001

The Ben and Matt show rolls on.

With the backing of Miramax, HBO and, Project Greenlight threw itself a hulabaloo at a gala party at LA’s Club of the Month the Knitting Factory. The guests of honor, who strolled down a green carpet, were the ten semi-finalists who originally submitted their screenplays through the PG website. The semi-finalists, who had already made two sets of cuts (from the initial 7500 entries to 250 to 10), had previously each received $8K worth of digital video equipment to shoot a three minute scene from their scripts. The ten clips were shown at the soiree, where the Oscar winning writers chose the three finalists. Seven wannabe directors went home with crushed souls, watching their HSX PG option stocks delist with a value as small as their egos at that moment.

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News from January 28, 2001

Once upon a time, some guy made this really cool post-modern gangster flick. It grossed a boatload of money and won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The film gave many people their first major introductions to some damn cool actors, while bringing a few out-of-favor actors back to the top of the game. And ever since then, we have had a rash of post-Tarantino crime flicks. most of which have been painful exercises to witness. They’ve come at us from America, from England, from Japan and Hong Kong and from most everywhere else in the world.

In Los Angeles on February 16th, the Danish will get their chance.

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