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You Know A Film Is Really Screwed When…

No doubt, most of you have heard the news about Rollerball, that MGM plans on making it a more consumer friendly PG13 rated film… you know, for the kids. This decision seems to have caused a firestorm of anger amongst one group of GFBs at one of our fellow movie webmaster sites. The one major bone of contention amongst this angry crowd? The potential loss of a full frontal Rebecca Romijn-Stamos nude scene.

Hell, you know a movie is really screwed when the fanboys are more pissed off about losing an unnecessary nude scene than anything else.

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America’s Sweethearts: Rant Or Review? You Decide

As I left work today, I was feeling really bad about myself, so I decided to check out the latest “comedy” from The Mouth…

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much this film. I don’t think much of Mrs. Douglas, and I wouldn’t classify myself as a level one Billy Crystal fan. Joe Roth can run a studio, but his previous outings as a director have left much to be desired.

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