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Where Have All The Good Films Gone?

Over the weekend, Lolita and I caught Monsters Inc. I wanted to see The Toxic Avenger 4, which was playing downtown, but furry animals and Billy Crystal won out. Not that I didn’t like it. It was as enjoyable a time at the movies as I have ever had when dealing with not only stupid parents bringing three month olds to the movies as if this crap happy brats are even going to know what they are seeing let alone comprehend the complexities of the situations they are seeing… but ALSO the fucking Star Wars fanboys who were out in droves to catch the unveiling of the first preview for Attack of the Clones.

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This Date In Cinema History

Orson Welles

October 30. The night before Halloween. Depending on your level of film geekness, this date either means absolutely nothing to you or is one of the seminal dates in film lore. Although, in true ironic fashion befitting the subject, it wasn’t a film at all that caused this date to be important. Something happened sixty three years ago this evening that did change the course of cinema. For October 30, 1938 was the night the Mercury Theatre players entered CBS’s radio booths and performed their now infamous rendition of “The War of the Worlds”, and Hollywood finally took notice of twenty three year old Orson Welles.

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Bubbliciously Incorrect

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, there is a group of people who are pissed off at King Rat over Bubble Boy, their new comedy which will bomb anyway when it comes out Friday. The 15,000 members Immune Deficiency Foundation is calling for a boycott of the film, saying it mocks the disease that half a million people (mostly children) are afflicted with. One fifth grader from suburban Boston, Scott McGuire, is worried the movie will create the wrong impression of his disease. He doesn’t want the kids at school to start making fun of him. Thanks to modern science, those with immune deficiencies no longer have to live in plastic bubbles, but when you’re part of a group that has an agenda, you’ll whore yourself out, no matter how ridiculous you look to get your message out.

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