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Savant In Defense Of Peter Bart

I’m still alive. Give your sympathy to the entertainment industry.

Indeed, I’m still alive, but it doesn’t feel like it. When I was younger, I think I actually breeched every clique that existed, all while keeping within my own. I was never, say, a chronic stoner, but I’ve been there on days. All day. All night. It’s kinda fun, that realization that you never truly understand the nature and fabric of reality. I’m there right now, because my ‘sober’ state is a world of pain and dizziness as a result of the accident.

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Savant’s Tidbits

Hey everybody. Don’t have much in the way of news this morning, but I’ll run by a few quick things that are happening with your beloved

First, guess who’s in rehab this time? Ben Affleck, man. Ben’s an alkie. Good for him. I’d be an alkie too after two years in a West Hollywood apartment with Matt Damon. Best of luck to you, brutha.

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GFB’s And Their Melancholy Patheticness

Savant here. I just returned from GeekLand, aka, the San Diego Comic Convention… I’m a bit strung out, a bit sunburned, a bit pissed off and ripped off (I got conned in the parking lot by a ‘parking space pimp’, resulting in a $40 parking ticket — fuck you San Diego, you’re beautiful on the outside but somehow your fucking white and black trash community is more stuck up and even more corrupt than Los Angeles. I hope the Chargers get Ryan Leaf back. Cock-Fuckers!)

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KubrickGate: Did AICN Get Scooped?

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence has just stumbled upon a very interesting ‘letter’ supposedly from Vivian Kubrick sent to AICN that was quickly removed from existence, regarding the Spielberg/Kubrick abortion known as “AI.” Is this just a heated family opinion, or the beginning of a world wide web scandal that finally puts a ‘steak’ in the heart of the Harry Knowles empire? Yeah right.

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