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The Losers

A hyper adaptation of the comic book series that ran from 2003 to 2006, “The Losers”t makes a nice, loud impression on the big screen.

A furious 90 minutes of supersized stunts, arch performances, and grandiose villainy, the picture is wild ride befitting its funny book origins. Just try to ignore the strained humor and the occasional Michael Bay move from director Sylvain White, and there’s a merry bit of mayhem waiting to entertain the pants right off you.

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Rating: B-


At this point, there are as many oceanic documentaries as there are stars in the sky, or perhaps fish in the sea.

“Oceans” is the latest entry in the big bottomless blue sweepstakes and while it doesn’t necessarily redefine the genre, this Disneynature release is more artful and considered than its competition, permitting audiences a far more meditative take on the mysteries of the deep than the average educational film would allow.

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Rating: B+