2017 San Francisco International Film Festival Preview

Brimstone and Glory

One of the nation’s oldest film festivals is celebrating its diamond anniversary in 2017. The 60th annual San Francisco International Film Festival runs from April 5th to April 19th, featuring 191 dramatic narratives, documentaries, short films and special events. We’re highlighting 15 of the films we’re looking forward to checking out…

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A Different Sun

A Different Sun

I think I figured out why first time director Reed Tang’s “A Different Sun” feels so darned disjointed. How else can you describe a drama about a Chinese family who moves to Germany to help their daughter get a better education, which is mostly in English and almost exclusively shot in upstate New York?

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Rating: C-



Sometimes, a movie that would be little more than a Movie of the Week in America can seem refreshing because it’s from another country. Wei Zhang’s “Destiny” falls in to this category, giving us a little glimpse in to how autism is discussed and dealt with in China.

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Rating: B